What is L8 Beats?

L8 Beats was created for aspiring artists, established talents, and production companies to purchase high-quality beats on an affordable and easy to use platform. When I started out as a musician myself, I had experienced how difficult it could be to find that sound I was looking for while sorting through simple, sometimes low-quality tracks; or when I did find it, the licensing agreement was confusing or constrained my creativity and reach.

At L8 Beats, we have created a beat licensing service that grants our members a lifetime license to all the beats available to date.  Our members may access and use any beat however they’d like.  With new beats uploaded regularly, our beat pack members will have access to all the new beats uploaded through-out the year as well!  Our beats are all created with top of the line studio equipment, real instruments, and no samples. Take a look at what we have to offer and we hope your next hit starts here.

At L8 Beats you don’t license 1 beat you license them all!

We also offer exclusivity rights to those members interested, contact us for more information!

Beat Packages

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