Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase a beat pack, what are the license terms?

We want our licensing to be as easy to understand as possible. Please refer to the table below to see how we stack up to competitors.

License Type Non-Exclusive
Distribution Copies Unlimited
Free Downloads Unlimited
Non-Profit Performances Unlimited
Paid Performances Unlimited
Music Videos Unlimited
Audio Streams Unlimited
Radio Stations Unlimited
Composer and Publisher Information Included

How do I keep my license?

Once you purchase a beat package you are given a lifetime license to all the beats available plus all the new beats that will be uploaded for one year after purchase.  At L8 Beats we want to make sure you can start your career as an artist hassle free.

No payment is required for free beats.


Do I loose my license if I stop being a member?

No.  You just will not have a license to new beats uploaded after the date you stopped being a member.

What are the audio specs of the WAV file?

All WAV files are download at 24 bit 44,100Hz.

What are the audio specs of the MP3 file?

All MP3 files are download at 320kbit/s 44,100Hz.

Do the audio files become untagged once a member?


How do I get my song on L8 Beats Spotify playlist?

Submit your song url through our ‘contact us’ form, and upon review, we will add it to the playlist.