Meet The Producers

Meet the producers and know what they do and love!

Casey Lampke

Founder, CEO, and Lead Producer

Casey Lampke was born in Amherst, NY in 1987. Music always had a place in Casey’s life growing up. In his younger years, Casey was influenced by mainstream radio and the songs they played.  As Casey matured, he grew a taste for rap and hip hop music,  drifting away from the radio to more underground rap scenes.  Over the years, Casey built his own studio and attended Full Sail University where he obtained his B.A. in Recording Arts.

After years of developing his own sound and working with many artists, Casey has become an audio engineer, producer, songwriter, and composer.

Eric Ewill Williams


Eric Ewill Williams was born in Buffalo, NY. He was raised in a small church where he began playing drums at the age of eight. Soon after, he began playing trumpet at his elementary school. His interest in music began to grow and soon he was able to play the organ, piano, bass, and guitar.

At the age of 14, his love of music shifted primarily to the keyboard. It was multi-sounds in the keyboard that drew him to it. It fascinated him to be able to creatively build multiple music sounds at one workstation. With his talent, he began playing keyboards for local churches and local bands.

Eric’s love of music allowed him to work with many great artists. In 2007, he was privileged to study with Teddy Riley (music producer for King of Pop, Michael Jackson) in Los Angeles, CA. He has also been privileged to work with other artists such as Grammy Award-winning, Anthony Hamilton, Blackstreet, Bobby Brown, Fantasia, Guy, BBD (New Edition), K-Ci Hailey (JODECI), SWV, Tyler Perry, TLC and Envogue to name a few.

Al Miller


Al Miller, originally from Buffalo, NY, started his musical career by moving to LA, California where he studied guitar and jazz band.  He worked part-time at local studios and had some successes writing jingles for radio. He also played locally and around the country with a variety of bands. After going on tour through State College, PA, Al moved there and started a successful, full-time guitar teaching business called Guitar-man Studios which lasted for 30 years.  Al retired in 2017 from teaching to then move back to his roots in Buffalo, NY.  Al now writes and composes for L8 Beats.



Sknee G was born in the slums of Ruleville, MS in 1985. His mother knew that growing up in Mississippi would not give him all the opportunities as other kids in the country, so she decided to move to Funky Town, TX. At the age of five, he knew that music was his life. Sknee G’s class was walking by the auditorium and he could hear the kids playing the violin – he was enamored. When he got home, he begged his mother to get him a violin and sign up to learn how to play some music.

After about two weeks of asking, he finally got that violin – you couldn’t pay him to keep quiet. He was determined to learn it. He practiced every day.

In middle school, he joined the school band.  He then changed up his instrument to the tuba by the time that he reached high school. He thought that all of his friends would make fun of him for being in the orchestra, so he began to play sports. Although he was good at sports, a large part of his identity was missing. He started to experiment with production software, but didn’t get the hang of it at first.

It wasn’t until he got back from doing a tour in the US Navy and US Army that he really took the time to get in-depth about his musical side. Sknee G learned as much as he could from Youtube videos and then enrolled in Full Sail University where he got a degree in Recording Arts. There, he learned the skills he needed to become a professional in the music industry.

Sean L8 pic 2

Sean Reisch


Sean Reisch began making music 20 years ago in Buffalo, New York.  He started off as a rapper producing his own beats and quickly realized he had a passion for production way greater than his passion for rapping.  Setting the mic down, he started to focus solely on production and making beats which quickly gained attention from everyone who heard it.  Sean began promoting his music on social media sites which in turn led to making relationships with hundreds of local rappers.    Sean started making beats under the name Ireisch Productions which gained some attention from local and nationwide radio stations such as 93.7 WBLK and Shade 45.  Other accomplishments such as winning producer of the year in 2008, Nominee for producer of the year at 93.7 WBLK unsigned hype awards, was a contest winner at Shade 45 along with multiple production credits.

Nate Zaleski


Nate was born in Savannah, Georgia and moved to Buffalo, New York when he was 5 years old.  He first fell in love with music when he was very young when his father showed him “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.  At the age of 14 he downloaded a cracked version of FL Studio and would go on youtube to watch others make beats and learned how to make beats himself.  Nate is very involved with everyday studio operations recording artist such as Breeze Fiend, Luke, Da Villy Kids, Skate Cobain, Gaine$, and many more.  If your looking for a producer with a new age sound in hiphop and rap music, look no further, Nate is your guy!

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